#1 Disabled and welcomed with open arms!

I am disabled and while tuning around on the band one day I found the Looking at Victory NET. I listed for several days before checking in and when I did I was welcomed with open arms. I told them I was disabled and not able to go to a church as I live in the country and churches are quite a distance from me.  --Annonymous

#2 I found my 5-day a week church!

I found the scriptures and the bible study to be of use to me and I have decided I have found my church 5-days a week! The NET has been a blessing to me in MANY ways. (1) I had a Thanksgivig food basket sent to me by mail, (2) the NET has prayed for my health on a DAILY basis which has helped me, (3) the good Lord has blessed me with several pieces of radio equipment to I am able to talk on the NET, (4) there have been s many good things that has come about and I blessed I have found friends I can talk to and, (5) that care for me. Thank you Looking at Victory NET for all you do!   --Annonymous

#3 I now enjoy three things that I really love in one place: Ham radio, Christian Fellowship and the Bible!

I recently found the 14.304 Looking at Victory  group when the Holy Spirit prompted me to find a GREAT daily Christian NET and join it. He further  prompted me to use my giftings in biblical teaching, technology and fellowship to bless others. So that's why I am here! The rest of the story, as Paul Harvey used to say, is on my QRZ page. Thanks W0LAV group for allowing me to join this GREAT group.   ---WB6RAW, Werner.

#4 I thank the Lord for the net on 14.304 with Charlie and all of you out there!

As a child, dad always made sure that we all went to church each Sunday. He did not attend, but made sure we did. I was involved with a bunch of church functions, like Easter programs and Christmas programs. I had won several bible contests in Sunday School. As I got older and in school, I was involved in 'A High School Born Again Club' until the school shut it down. That was about the time when prayer and bibles were no longer allowed in schools. I continued on until I got in the work force and lost some of the values I had been taught. I was tied up between working and taking care of a mentally sick wife. After a while, I became very depressed and suffered from care taker burnout. My kids were growing up and starting to leave home and taking a life of their own. My granddaughter was born and I had to babysit her for the first few years of her life and I started going back to church to try and give my granddaughter some spiritual upbringing. I found out that I needed it more than she did. I continued to go to church and working for the church. 

Then my wife died. What a mess. A year later I met my present wife and we were married 9 months later. She is a church piano player at a Church of Christ church and I was Baptist. She started coming with me to the Baptist church where she wound up playing the piano there. My spirit grew more and more and more. Then it happened: After working for the church for over 10 years as a sound man and booking Gospel singers and office work our Pastor became sick and died. We ended up leaving that church due to some differnces with the remaining church leadership. I didn't go back to church for at least 5 weeks and missed it. We have now found another church that needs us to help where we can and I am again feeling the spirit working. We are currently attending Grace Baptist Church and going on from there. I thank the Lord for the net on 14.304 with Charlie and all of you out there. It has been a blessing.    ---WD8OSJ, Bill.

#5 I thank the "Looking at Victory NET" for praying for me...

I accepted Christ with my father next to me in church one Sunday morning  in December 1980. I was baptized in water in January 1981. My father (now with Jesus) and my brother were always close to the Lord and set good examples for me. I fell away for a few years working Sundays and going to school. This year (2013) I made a news resolution to get back to the Lord. Since that time I have been reading my bible; I purchased the bible on MP3 to listen at work; and I bought a lot of the older Gaithers music to listen to at work and in the car. All this has really opened my eyes and brought me closer to the Lord, giving me a piece that all will be taken care and I have nothing to worry about. Once you accept the fact our Lord and savior owns it all, he has given it to us to use for his glory,  and we use it responsibly. With that said, I had a health issue the Lord has helped me through. I would like to share it.

For many years I had discomfort and sometimes pain in my left knee. I was told by one doctor it was arthritis. There were times when I could not kneel without feeling the pain shoot through my knee. Finally in December 2012 I lost so many nights sleep with the pain I decided to go to a specialist referred to me by a brother in the Lord. After a visit with the specialist, and x-ray, and a MRI it was discovered I had a torn meniscus. I decided to go for the elective surgery to correct this. Before the surgery I knew I checked in to the Looking At Victory Net held by the W0LAV under the guidance of the Lord. I sent Charles, W0LAV, an email telling him what I was having done and asked him to read it over the air for the group and add me to their prayer list. This was the best way since I work during the day. In the email I told Charles “this is how it will go – I will show up for the out patient surgery, I will go in for the procedure, the doctor will come out and tell my brother it went very well and took less time that we anticipated.” I also believed I would have very little pain or need meds. At the end of the email I said “this will happen in the name of Jesus.” Keep in mind I did not share this email with my brother, also a born again Christian, until a day later. He told me that is just how it went when the doctor came out to tell him what happened. I had a lot of people saying you will be layed up for weeks, there will be pain when the meds ware off, ect. The 1st night home I was in bed and had it propped up on a pillow trying to fall asleep. I rolled over on my side and felt a discomfort in my knee. Keep in mind this was less than 24 hours after the surgery and still no meds – not even aspirin. I rolled back over on my back and felt the throbbing increase. I thought – What do I do now? Without thinking I said quietly “In the name of Jesus I command this to stop.” Then I thought this will NEVER happen unless I say it so Satan can hear it. So again I said, this time out loud with a commanding voice, “Satan, you have no authority over this situation. You do not belong here. I command you IN THE NAME OF JESUS to leave RIGHT NOW!!!! I refuse to accept this discomfort and pain so GET OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW!!!! In the name of Jesus I command this and pray for this to stop.” Within 1 minute the discomfort and pain were gone; I rolled over on my side again and slept; and slept like a baby. What was strange was I found my self waking up with my leg propped up on the pillows and not remembering doing that. This is only day 3 after the surgery but I am believing all WILL be good. My incisions are healed, there is a bit of swelling, I am doing the exercises to strengthen my muscles, and still have not taken meds. I expect to be back to work in one more week.

 On a side note I have diabetes. One of my doctors would not release me. They told me you will not heal. Well with that in mind I found another doctor to help me. This new doctor told me he did not see any issues and he was 100% confident I would be fine. What was funny was on my way out after this visit with my new doctor he said “Shalom” to me. Through this surgery and finding the new doctor, I feel the Lord takes care of us. He puts people in our paths to help us and guide us on the proper path. This is true of a friend at work who transferred from the shop floor for a few months to work with me, to the doctors I just had, to my brother who was there for me, and the Looking At Victory net. This even includes people who are not Christians. They are around us so they can see the Lord in us through our kind/loving actions that may bring them around – even though they don’t see it happening. God Is GOOD, John – AC2DD

#6 Healed via prayer on the Ham Radio: A testimony to John 5:16

A couple months ago I was being plagued with back trouble radiating into my shoulder.  The initial onset was when I picked up my sweet grandson. Apparently, I had twisted in a wrong way and injured my back and shoulder.  Unbeknownst to me, my husband, W4AUV, connected with Charlie, W0LAV, while on the road and they prayed for my healing.  When my husband, Dale, got home he asked how my back was and I told him it wasn’t hurting anymore.  He said, “Do you want to know how that happened?”  Of course I did!  He related that he and Charlie had prayed for my healing and I was, indeed,  healed!!!  Praise God.  The prayers of righteous men avail much and I am a testimony to that.  We must believe James 5:16b: The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. I have tried on several occasions since then to test my back and it is truly healed where not even a twitch is felt. Thank you so much and be blessed as you continue your "Looking at Victory Ham Radio Ministry "  Mrs. W4AUV (Vianne)

#7 Prayer on the Looking at Victory NET gives me inner peace…

I want to thank Charlie, W0LAV,  and the Looking for Victory Net for the prayers offered up for my surgery and recovery on my leg this last Winter/Spring 2013. I felt so much better knowing that someone was  praying for me while I was having the surgery and during that long week in the hospital afterward with all the pain. I have found solace with this group of fine people and a place to pray.  I love praying and the inner peace that it gives me. Thanks so much for doing the Net, it really helps me.  --Mike Brigham, W1CLS

#8 Statement of Faith by Jim Cox -W3COX

My statement of faith is described in Psalm 28:7:The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to Him in song. 

I did not always believe that. I was raised as a Timothy with a grandmother and mother who saw that I went to church, Sunday school, Good News Club, etc. every week. I was a shy kid who didn’t like to get up in front of anyone to recite Bible verses, parts in Christmas plays or pray out loud. But all these church functions didn’t sink into my thinking until much later in my life.

Not until I saw my mother get on her knees with my very ill infant brother in her arms and pray that he recover from his sickness, did I realize what faith really meant.  My brother is 58 years old now and very healthy. With this “Saul-like” conversion, I immediately accepted Jesus as my personal Savior and started praying and using my Bible to study God’s Word. This all happened by age 10. 

Life changes did not happen immediately. My Christian growth is a journey. As a young man, I sowed wild oats, got into trouble with my parents, argued with them over petty things, and I wanted to do things my way. After hours of Bible study and through much prayer, my life changed. I decided to make God the center of my life. Jesus became my life model in everything I did - daily living, marriage, family, and church. 

To this day, God is the center of my life. I still remember lessons, Bible verses, and prayers that my grandmother and mother wanted me to learn. I’m reading the Bible through for the 10th time and still learning as I read it over and over again. My prayer life is strong. I rely on prayer every day. Prayer, my trust in God, and my faith that God has a plan in my life gave me strength to get me through my latest surgery. The fact that my doctor declared me “cancer-free” is a praise in my life which I have used and am using to tell others about God and my Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I’m not afraid to confess that to anyone. By entering into His covenant I know I will have eternal life in the Kingdom of God. Jesus lived and died for me. My sins have been washed away by the blood of the Lamb and best of all, I’m on my way to eternal life with Him.

Acts 4:12 says, “… there is no other name … by which we must be saved”  

All great blessings of God are finished and complete, but they weren’t mine until I entered into a personal relationship with Him on the basis of His covenant

Because I believe, I can live the Great Commission and proclaim the Good News and help others. 

In order to make sure I remain in God’s covenant, I continue to study and read His Word, pray, teach, and worship Him. I am committed to use my time, talents, and money to further God’s Kingdom!

As each day begins, I remember what Jeremiah said in Lamentation 3:22-24: 

The unfailing love of the Lord never ends! By His mercies we have been kept from complete destruction. Great is His faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each day. I say to myself, “The Lord is my inheritance; therefore I will hope in Him!”

#9 God healed my back. Wow!!! -JayWelco, formerly K2KCD

I am originally from upstate New York (Syracuse).  In 1964, I joined the Marine Corps at a judge’s suggestion.  I went to radio/crypto schools in 1965 in San Diego, California.  There I met and married my first wife and left for Vietnam 10 Days after we were married.  I extended a couple of times and made the rank of Staff Sgt. (E6).  I left Vietnam just after the Tet offensive of 1968.  Got out of the Corps and went to San Diego State and got my engineering degree.  After a number of years and two more wives and six more kids (it took me a long time to figure out what caused that so I don’t drink the water any more) anyway I ended up single and living in MS.  Then I sold my electronics shop and moved to Jackson, TN.  I am now retired and 100% disabled. So life is good and I live it to the max. It seems that I am busier now then when I was working.  (hi-hi) 

 Now for a lot of years I was a Sunday Christian. By that I mean I would think about Jesus and church but just couldn't seem to work up the energy to actually go to Church or even praise or talk to the Lord.  Some things happened to me and started me going to Church where I was baptized and went half-heartedly every week just to say I went to Church.  I did this more for people that knew me then for ME.  I had a fall that aggravated my already messed up back.  My VA Doctor sent me to Memphis for an MRI. This trip is about 100 miles from where I was living and it caused me a LOT of distress. Two weeks later he sent me back to Memphis to see a neurosurgeon.  I left the house without my meds because I talked myself into thinking they were going to fix my back that day (I don't know were that came from) I should have known better.  Anyway the Doctor came into the room and said, " The good news is, we can operate.   The bad news is, you have a 50 % chance of coming out of it a paraplegic or worse." I informed him that there would be NO operations of any kind on my back.  I asked if the VA was doing Laser surgery as I was expecting and he said, "no, the VA doesn't do that as yet."  After a great deal of difficulty, I managed to get my wheel chair loaded and got into the truck.  Now I had been in that chair for over a year and was medicated with Morphine and Oxycodone at the same time. As I said I left my meds at home and was in a great deal of pain.  I drove to the turn I needed to get back home. The pain was very bad.  I started to Pray to the Lord to remove the pain in my back. I was saying everything that came to my head. I told the Lord that He knew me and knew I would never think of killing myself but the pain was more then I could bare.  And that I didn't want to live in that chair and ask others to come and help me do things I had always been able to do myself. 

Well finally I made it back to my home and backed into my carport, got out and walked back to the chair and started to lower it and then stopped.....  the pain in my back was gone...   All of it.  And it has not come back since.  There could be no other reason for that then the Lord answered my Prayer.  Amen and Amen to that.  There have been many other things that have happened to me that were the Lords intervention and nothing more.  I was by this time tuning into the "Looking at Victory" net every morning so Charlie and some of my other brothers can attest to some of my Victories through the Lord as they were of great help in Prayer and mentoring me during some bad times.  Thank God that W0LAV is here and so helpful to all that listen in.  Well this is a big part of my testimony. Thank you for reading or listening to it.  I hope it brings someone out there a little joy in their life and let them know that no matter what the problem might be, there is nothing to big or to small for Jesus. All you need to do is ask and you WILL receive.   

 Please feel free to contact me via  jaywelco1@yahoo.com. Looking forward to communicating with you. Semper Fi   Jay

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